Jeffs Inking portfolio:

Published works:

Mushroom Murders #1 (Inked pages 6-28 and the cover)

Mushroom Murders #2

Recent sample pages and professional work

A sketch of what would become X-men Archives issue 2 from Alan Davis site, inked for fun and practice. What can I say, I like Alan Davis.

This was the pencils for the cover of the Iron man animated movie. Pencils by Joe Quesada

X-men sample page that I found on Comic art community. I'm not sure who the penciler is on this piece.

A Doctor Who/Captain Britian pin-up from Alan Davis' site.



Excalibur sample page sent out by Marvel comics. Pencils by Alan Davis

Bullet Time issue 2 page 4, Pencils by Dave Simons. I was the inker on this comic in 2005. This was published by Paper Dragonz, and can currently be read as a webcomic at

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